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The humidifiers we grew up with are remnants of old, clunky technology. Instead, there are DIY ways to increase the humidity in your home.  The noisy machine and smell of menthol is no longer the only option we have.

Hang Dry Your Clothes

Clothes’ dryers are rarely energy efficient. Besides, the heat wrinkles your clothes, and if you do not change them over from the washing machine, the mildew smell wafts obviously. If you have extra space, you can hang your clothes up to dry. You are saving energy and releasing moisture into the air.

Drying Does It

The space of a clothes’ line may be impossible. Perhaps, you would rather vent your dryer indoors. Kits are available to draw the moist air indoors, increasing indoor air quality as well as humidity. It also cuts down on heating bills in the depths of a cold winter without having to use a humidifier.

Humidity Blasting Bowls

Metal or ceramic bowls over a register will add humidity to your home.  It may seem strange to place bowls of water over vents. However, the water evaporates and improves indoor air quality and adds the needed humidity. Placing the dishes on windowsills garners the same evaporation and offers the improvement of air quality.

Houseplant Humidity

When taken care of, houseplants release a constant vapor of moisture. The leaves and stems go through the process of transpiration, and if watered regularly, they release humidity. Even if your fame is not a green thumb, plants exist that survives the least of gardeners

Steamy Shower, Boiling Baths

Leaving the door of your shower cracked will produce steam that is a wonderful, clean source of humidity. Additionally, a hot bath works the same way. Allowing the hot water to grow cold before you drain it, the water will burn poor air quality away. The warmth from baths and showers also work as heaters on cool mornings while it also improves your breathing.

Cooking Cleanly

A stove is more than a kitchen accessory. By cooking more, especially regarding boiling water, you are adding humidity to your home while also making a meal. With that said, many people do not enjoy cooking or rely on their stove. Boiling water occasionally is enough to increase the humidity level in your home.
Indoor air quality is important. No one should assume the pollution inside is better than outside.  We at Charlotte Comfort Systems are available for advice or provide you with a whole-home humidifier.  Call us today to help get the air in your home to your maximum comfortability.

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