Lennox HVAC Products

Charlotte Comfort Systems proudly offers a complete line of Lennox residential heating, cooling and air quality products. Lennox Residential is a leading global name in home comfort, offering innovative solutions such as energy-efficient air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps, boilers, air handlers, comfort controls, indoor air quality systems and residential generators. Contact Charlotte Comfort Systems today for professional guidance on selecting the best Lennox solution for your interior comfort needs.

Lennox Comfort Solutions

Dust dancing all around you? Sight of Mold making you green? These contaminants inside your house aren’t just unsightly—they can cause poor indoor air quality, which impacts your home environment, comfort and health. Fortunately, industry-leading Lennox products like air purifiers and dehumidifiers, working together with your heating and cooling system, make it possible to get rid of bad air for good.

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