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The Latest From Charlotte Comfort Systems

Information To Help Keep You Comfortable

From tips to maintaining a healthy Heating & Cooling system all year long to details about our latest promotions, we have your comfort-curiosities covered with the latest news and information happening in the world of HVAC.

Get Ready for the 2024 Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse will commence at approximately 1:54 p.m. ET in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the peak of the partial eclipse occurring around 3:11 p.m. ET.

Breathe Easier This Spring

This intelligent system helps ensure that your family breathes nothing but the healthiest, purest air, even amidst Charlotte's pollen season.

What Is Emergency Heat?

The emergency heat option, often labeled as "EM Heat" on thermostats, is a setting that activates a backup heating system in situations where the primary heating system is unable to adequately warm the home.

How Long Should Your HVAC System Last?

While the lifespan of an HVAC system can vary depending on several factors, proper installation, regular maintenance, and quality equipment are key to maximizing longevity.

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