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Why is it a bad idea to hang a hat over the thermostat? Because the thermostat needs to get an accurate reading of the temperature in the home. If you don’t like the look of your heating and air conditioning thermostat, call us for a quote on upgrading to a new, smart version.
Covering the thermostat can cause problems with heating and cooling efficiency.

Many homeowners are not aware of the sensitive placement of this vital instrument for keeping the comfort level of your home balanced.

Placement of the thermostat in your home can make a difference in the efficiency of your heating and cooling unit. Direct sunlight, electrical equipment, such as TV screens, and other sources of warm or cool air, can cause imbalances in your system and create unnecessary burdens on the overall system.

Air flow is more important than you might realize. Ever tried to block a vent from view by moving a piece of furniture to create better aesthetics? That can disrupt the proper flow of air throughout the house and cause more problems than it is worth. It is a good idea to keep the vents uncluttered, dusted, and free of blockages. You will have a better HVAC experience by allowing the air to flow.

It is a good idea to change air filters regularly. Use the recommended type of filter for best results. Some homeowners believe that upgrading the air filter to a higher number than listed on the instructions will result in more efficiency. This can cause more problems.It is best to stay with the recommended filter and consult us regarding any changes you are considering. Good air filters are designed to create a balance that works well with both the filtering of particles and air flow. Again, it is wise to use the manufacture’s instructions as a strict guide.

Stop. Before you close off vents in seldom used rooms, consider the facts. Re-routing air can create less efficiency and cause other issues including dust build-up and humidity traps. Even closing doors can result in less efficiency. These well intentioned actions can create more burden on the system, resulting in less efficiency.

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