With spring already upon us, the hot summer months are just around the corner! While we all look forward to the sunny days ahead, with the heat comes humidity. Humid heat feels hotter and is more dangerous than dry heat. High humidity prevents sweat from evaporating as readily, making it harder to cool off. The ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is between 30-50%. During the summer, humidity levels in the Charlotte area rise to over 85%, well over ideal conditions. Living in high levels of humidity can have effects on your household such as dehydration, muscle cramps and fatigue. Having an efficient and properly maintained AC system in your home can remove gallons of water from your air every day, and the best way to combat humidity in your home is to turn up the AC! Schedule an appointment right now with Charlotte Comfort Systems and you can get your AC system inspected for only $99.00 until the end of this month! With a Charlotte Comfort Systems inspection, feel confident removing the humidity from your home by turning up the AC this summer. We will make sure your AC system is ready to handle the warm and humid weather ahead! To schedule your AC system inspection today, click here.

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