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Everyone in the area knows what a Charlotte heating and air conditioning unit does. But what about a heat pump? This is an extremely energy-efficient device that produces in-house, year-round comfort. It transfers warmth either to the inside or outside according to the season. Use of a heat pump can help relieve the load placed upon your HVAC. Charlotte residents know all-too-well what pressure is placed upon your air conditioning system during the sticky, hot summer months. Your favorite contractor can easily install a heat pump that not only keeps you warm during winter but also cools you all summer long.

So, How Does It Work?

A heat pump does what its name says: it pumps heat. It pushes the heat out of the house during summer time while pushes it into the home during winter months. An air-driven pump uses refrigerant-infused coils and fans that draw heat from outside the house to heat the home during winter time. The process is reversed during summer time when the hot air inside the house is forced outside. Ground-source pumps draw warm air from the ground through a series water- or refrigerant-filled underground piping. These are also known as geo-thermal pumps that take advantage of the underground stable temperatures moving heat either in or out of the home. In most cases, the cool or warm air is distributed by existing ductwork, but ductless pumps can also be installed in the event your house has no ductwork.

Several Benefits Using Heat Pumps

It doesn’t make a difference if your heat pump installation is completed in conjunction with an existing HVAC system or by itself. Increased energy efficiency will soon be realized. Heat pumps do not create hot air through combustion. This would require supplying some kind of fuel source. Heat pumps just easily move existing air about. Your energy bills will definitely decrease through heat pump installation and use. Additionally, heat pump design produces a very quiet operation. Plus, a heat pump can be virtually invisible installed in ceilings, floors and walls with only the cover grille visible.

Considerations Before Heat Pump Choice

Several considerations need to be recognized before installing a heat pump. The size of the structure needs to be considered first. This is because heat pumps are typically not that powerful enough to affect a very large home. If the pump is too small to cover the entire house, the result will be higher-than-normal utility bills. Also take into consideration any level of heat loss your home will experience. It may be necessary to upgrade the house insulation before installing a heat pump. Proper insulation will help the installed pump work effectively.

To learn more about the best heat pump to fit your home’s needs, contact your the professionals at Charlotte Comfort Systems today.

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