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Here at Charlotte Comfort Systems, we want to help you select the right heating and cooling system that best fits your needs. We have several options to select from the new line of Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Systems.

Hot Spot / Cold Spot Solutions

Are you experiencing hot or cold spots in your home? Is there one room that never seems to stay comfortable compared to the rest of your house? Consider a Mitsubishi Electric Wall-Mounted System. These interior units easily connect to a small outdoor unit and are perfect for maintaining an ideal temperature in a single room/area of your home. We carry several Mitsubishi Wall-Mounted units such as: MSZ-EF, MSZ-FH, PKA, MSZ-D, MSZ-HM, MSZ-GL. Contact us to determine which unit best fits your needs. More info can be found here.

Home Renovation Solutions

If you are anticipating or currently undergoing home renovations, don’t forget to consider your heating and cooling needs for your new project. We recommend a ceiling cassette unit for these types of projects. These units have return-air-sensors that monitor room conditions and adjust accordingly to maintain the perfect temperature. They feature a sleek design that blends right into your ceiling. We carry the latest technology available in units such as the MLZPCA, and PLA. Specific info on these units can be found here.

New Home Construction Solutions

For new home construction, we recommend exploring the horizontal-ducted units available from Mitsubishi Electric. These units use considerably less ductwork than traditional systems, and the main units are hidden either above or below the ceiling or floor. Choose between the SEZ and the PEAD line of horizontal-ducted units to determine which system best fits your needs. Find more information on these products here.

Complete System Replacement Solutions

It might be that time for some of you… Your old HVAC system is on its last leg and you may need to act fast to replace it. Why not upgrade your system to an energy-efficient and customizable Zoned Comfort Solution™ system from Mitsubishi Electric. We recommend a multi-position air handler unit when replacing an old system. These units provide powerful and efficient heating and cooling while operating at a quiet noise level. Choose between the SVZMVZ, and PVA lineups depending on your specific needs. Additional info can be found here.

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