Having the right heat pump is important during every season. It makes the difference in having a comfortable home. Geothermal and traditional heat pumps are two common choices. Each type of heat pump has different advantages to keep in mind when deciding how to warm and cool your home.

Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal heat pumps have been heating and cooling homes for centuries. The system relies on the consistent temperatures underground. It takes advantage of warmer temperatures in the winter and cooler summer temperatures. This type has all the capabilities of a normal heat pump to heat or cool home and provide warm water. They are more expensive than traditional heat pumps, but save energy and last longer

Traditional Heat Pump

The major difference with traditional heat pumps is their heating and cooling source. Also known as air-source heat pumps, they use a transporting system. Depending on whether you want the home warmer or colder, the heat pump brings heat in or sends it out. Traditional heat pumps use electricity. They can be an energy and money saving alternative to air conditioners and furnaces.

Which Heat Pump is Best?

Deciding between a geothermal or traditional heat pump depends on several factors. Your geographic location and climate is one. Geothermal pumps rely on either nearby water sources or underground temperatures. Traditional heat pumps are great for moderate climates. They may not be the best solution to control severe heat or extremely cold temperatures.

Your budget is something else to think about. Do you want to save right now or invest and reap rewards over time? Both heat pumps meet the goal of conserving energy but use different sources. The energy source of the geothermal pump makes it a low-cost option after installation. The land size, soil type, and landscape may make a difference too.

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