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Our technicians are installing, repairing, and servicing air conditioning units within Charlotte homes every day. People are working from home much more than they used to and with the increased time spent at home, many people are realizing their unserviced or outdated comfort systems aren’t keeping them comfortable all day long. With the increase in service calls, our technicians are frequently at risk for exposure to airborne pathogens. In order to minimize the risk of exposure, we have implemented company-wide sanitation checks, employee temperature checks, CDC/ASHRAE recommendations and more in order to serve you and your family as safely and responsibly as possible.
Employee Health & Operations
As an essential business during the COVID-19 outbreak, we have remained open and operating during our normal business hours. Maintaining the health of our staff is critical and taken seriously. Each employee is asked to respect social distancing guidelines in the office or on the job, wash her/his hands frequently, wear a mask, and limit surfaces touched as much as possible(even when wearing gloves). Every employee is encouraged to stay home if they are not feeling well and/or if they have a fever. We are fortunate enough to have a staff that doesn’t abuse this policy and we understand most people who are feeling ill don’t have COVID-19 but until we have a better/faster form of testing for the virus, we are asking employees to stay home and seek medical consultation at the first sign of any symptoms related to COVID-19.
Pre-Screening Service Calls
The CDC has made the following suggestion for medical professionals: “When scheduling appointments for routine medical care (e.g., annual physical, elective surgery), instruct patients to call ahead and discuss the need to reschedule their appointment if they develop symptoms of a respiratory infection (e.g., cough, sore throat, fever) on the day they are scheduled to be seen.” While we are not in the medical industry, this is good advice to be followed by any company who usually interacts with customers in order to help stop the spread and keep employees safe. Before we come out to service the air conditioner in your home or office, we will call ahead to confirm the general health of the residents in the home to be serviced. Each case will be evaluated on an as needed basis but if there is a risk of exposure to an illness at the residence, we may end up rescheduling the service for a more appropriate time. If there is an HVAC emergency service needed we will work with you to remedy the issue in the safest way possible.
Personal Protective Equipment
As an HVAC company, PPE(personal protective equipment) is vital for protecting our technicians from chemicals and airborne pathogens. With the advent of COVID-19 we have made sure to keep our PPE stocked and our employees have been trained on how to don, use, and remove PPE properly. Each technician working at your residence will be equipped with a mask to minimize the risk of spread of airborne pathogens, gloves to reduce the risk of indirect infection when touching surfaces, and booties(shoe coverings) to help make sure nothing is transmitted from the outside environment onto the floors of your home.
Your Comfort
As an HVAC company, we have seen first-hand how essential home comfort is during these unprecedented times. We will continue to remain open and operating during our normal business hours in order to keep you comfortable in the safest ways possible. Please don’t put off maintaining you AC system during this time. A poorly ventilated or climate-controlled dwelling can be a breeding ground for disease. Our technicians are prepared to serve you and your family safely and responsibly. You can continue to count on us for all of your home and office comfort needs. If you have any questions or special requests regarding our services please give us a call at 704-366-1661.

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