spring season

As warm weather finally makes itself known in the Carolinas, allergies are soon to be creating their annual misery as Spring arrives next week.This Winter was warmer than average and with continuous rainfall for the last five months, allergy season could be really bad for those of us who suffer from pollen, grass and tree allergies. Plus the World is gripped now by fear of the COVID-19 virus and recommendations to avoid crowds, we all may spend more time inside of our homes. What can you do to make our homes indoor environment healthier?

1) Have your A/C system serviced as it has been dormant since last Fall

2) Clean your home: sanitize all reguarly used surfaces, vacuum/clean all floors, rugs, blinds and enrty ways.

3) Change your home comfort system filters, vacuum the ductwork nearest the filter.

4) Install high efficiency air cleaners and/or products to purify the air in your home.

We will get past the Corona Virus, hopefully the warmer temperatures and higher humidity levels on the horizon will lessen the lifespan of the virus. Good habits and a cleaner indoor environment will endure.

Give us a call at 704-366-1661 today and schedule a tune-up on your A/C system for only $89.00 or to discuss available products to clean/purify the air in your home.

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