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It is said that your home is your castle.  But something Is wrong, and it has happened gradually.  You wake up with your eyes watering and itching, and noise irritation. Like your summer hay fever but these effects are year round and only when you are in your house or apartment.  Of course, that latter observation was not your first choice but your last pick of the reason why you feel uncomfortable.

It is said that the health effects indoor air quality (IAQ) or the effects of indoor pollution may be immediate, showing the symptoms as described, or these symptoms may take a long time to appear.

Types of Pollutants 

The pollutants include, but are not limited to:

  • Oil, gas, kerosene, coal, pressed wood
  • Tobacco
  • Building materials and furnishings
  • Damp carpet deteriorating asbestos  heating unit or Ac unit, humidification devices
  • Radon, Formaldehyde, pesticides, and outdoor air pollution

Air Filter

Air filters remove contaminants from the air to improve the quality of air in your home.  Air filters are rated according to a porousness scale,  from 1 to 16, which is called the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV).   Most home air filters have a 4 to 13 MERV rating.  The higher the MERV value, the fewer contaminants that are in the air.

Testing For Pollutants

Individuals are in many environments in your office build and in airplanes that you have no control over.  However, indoor air population in your home is under your control and can be removed.

The sources of pollutants, other than opening up your doors and windows, are the direct connections between your house and the outdoors, venting of furnaces and the moving of air in an out of air conditioner units or a heating/humidifier units all, of which, require the appropriate filters chosen by an experienced professional.  

On the market, there are a variety of test kits designed to test for the presence of mold,  bacteria,  dust,  carcinogens, pollen, bacteria and soot.  Every single object in your home faces contamination.  Only a professional can diagnose the extent of the problem of pollutants in the air.

Charlotte Comfort Systems, a Heating and Air Conditioning Company located Charlotte, NC, for the past twenty years have been the experts in the heating, cooling and the cleaning the air in your home.  You can trust Charlotte Comfort Systems. 

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