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In the pursuit of creating the ultimate home comfort experience, Lennox introduces “The Ultimate Comfort System™,” an extraordinary integration of cutting-edge technologies that redefine what a home climate control system can achieve. This revolutionary system combines the finest elements from the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection, delivering unparalleled performance and efficiency. Recently honored with the Smart Heating and Cooling Product of the Year at the 2024 IoT Breakthrough Awards, this system stands as a testament to Lennox’s commitment to excellence.

Award-Winning Innovation

In addition to awards and certifications from Energy Star, the Dealer Design Awards, Good Design, Green Builder, PDMA OCI and the International Builder Show, Lennox was recently recognized by IOT. The IoT Breakthrough Awards, which recognize outstanding achievements in connected technologies, have bestowed the prestigious title of ‘The Smart Heating and Cooling Product of the Year’ upon the Lennox Ultimate Comfort System for 2024. This accolade underscores the system’s excellence, creativity, and technological breakthroughs that set it apart in the industry. Click here to view all of Lennox’s latest awards in the HVAC industry.

Components of Perfection

The Ultimate Comfort System seamlessly integrates various components, each designed to contribute to the overall goal of delivering consistently clean and perfect air throughout your home.

Air Conditioner and Heat Pump
The Dave Lennox Signature® Collection Air Conditioner SL28XCV and Heat Pump SL25XPV stand out with industry-leading cooling efficiencies up to 28 SEER and 24 SEER, respectively. Lennox TruHeat Performance ensures rich, warm comfort, and the Quantum Coil technology resists corrosion. With sensors for precise tuning and a high rating of 4.7 stars, these units offer unmatched performance.

Variable-Speed Gas Furnace SLP99V
Boasting an up to 99% efficiency rating, the Variable-Speed Gas Furnace SLP99V from the Signature Collection is not only the most efficient but also the quietest furnace available. It maintains consistent temperatures without cold spots and features sensors for fine-tuning and troubleshooting.

Air Handler CBA38MV
The Dave Lennox Signature® Collection Air Handler CBA38MV is the most efficient and quietest air handler on the market. It utilizes Quantum Coil Technology to withstand harsh conditions, and its microbial drain pan prevents mold and mildew, ensuring clean, comfortable air.

Pure Air™ S Purification System
The Pure Air™ S Purification System offers unmatched purification of all major indoor air pollutants, removing 99% of mold spores, pollen, dust, pet dander, and neutralizing odors. With active monitoring alerts, this system keeps you informed about filter performance.

Smart Zoning System
The Lennox Smart Zoning System provides consistent, even temperatures with room-to-room precision climate control. Its four-zone system allows for individualized temperature control, leading to year-round energy savings. Remote control via smartphone adds an extra layer of convenience.

iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat
The iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat serves as the ultimate controller for precise comfort. Awarded the Green Builder Editor’s Choice Hot 50 Products in 2020, it actively monitors air quality, adjusting settings based on outdoor conditions.

The Ultimate Comfort System™ by Lennox is a culmination of innovation, efficiency, and intelligent design. Recognized as the pinnacle of smart heating and cooling, it offers a comprehensive solution for every aspect of home climate control. From heating and cooling to air purification and effortless controls, each component contributes to creating the perfect indoor environment. As homes become smarter, the Lennox Ultimate Comfort System sets a new standard for excellence in whole-home comfort.

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